A collection of embroidery

Embroidery is one of my favorite crafts. You can embroider really simple things like outlines of shapes, or really detailed images with shadows and multiple shades of colors. A really fun idea I have is to transfer some coloring pages onto fabric and embroider on top. Here’s an example of embroidery pieces I’ve done recently:

This embroidery is just plain cute. I saw this phrase on a fleeting pin on Pinterest once — it’s stuck in my mind since.

This one is called “Black Sheep.” It features several sheep going in one direction, and one black sheep fleeing the opposite. This embroidery serves as a reminding metaphor to push away from the societal norms.

This embroidery piece features a playful, swimming octopus.

And then there’s this one that may look familiar. It’s the simple UFO I blogged about a couple of months ago.

This is one of my favorites. I really like the idea of embroidering word garlands. This one says, “Feeling strange again.”

And as always, you can check the Curious Motif Etsy shop for more embroidery.

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