Who We Are

Curious Disposition is a collaborative space for a new generation of artists, thinkers, and creators who want to improve their lives and the lives of others. We do not have the answer to living the “right” way, but we are curious about what it means to be human. What can we do to progress as a culture? How do we live a meaningful life? And why should we care? We create content from every end of the spectrum: lifestyle, culture, DIY projects, spirituality, and love. Curious Disposition welcomes reader contributions and publishes them often.


Meet the Team

Elly Gibson

Creative Director / Senior Editor

Elly is a writer by profession and an artist/comedian by hobby. Provoked by the frustrating yet beautiful world around her, she’s constantly seeking the answers to life’s many existential questions. When she’s not creating odd DIY projects or laughing with her friends, you’ll probably find her hanging out with her husband and dog, both named Steven. She’s doing as best as she can.

Steven Gibson

Project Manager / Web Developer

Steven is the brains behind the operation. He oversees the website design and development end of things, and occasionally writes articles for Curious Disposition. In his spare time, he enjoys working on video game development, playing Pocket Tanks, and hanging out with Elly. He's a cool duck.

Dylan Joseph

Community Engagement Manager

A self-described "warrior poet," Dylan Joseph is a New York-based writer who is driven to inspire new thought and deep feelings. He uses words and film as tools to cut away at the nonsense that we are taught to believe. Dylan is the link between the people (you) and the inspiring content offered by Curious Disposition. In his spare time, Dylan enjoys practicing martial arts and doing “bits” with Steve.

Interested in Contributing?

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