Twitter’s outlandish Amelia Earhart conspiracy theories

If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new theory that Amelia Earhart — the most badass female pilot of all time who went missing almost 80 years ago on a round-the-world flight — survived a crash-landing.
According to USA Today, a newly discovered photo, obtained by the History Channel (which has an upcoming documentary on the mystery), shows a woman who appears to be Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan sitting on a dock in the Marshall Islands after the crash.

Twitter is very excited about it:

Some are even coming up with their own conspiracy theories:

1. There’s one to make your feminist heart flutter:

2. Aliens, Aircrafts and Star Trek, oh my:

3. Here’s one for the optimistic nerds:

4. And another for the Lost fans:

5. Amelia vs. Whale:

6. My question is what does “thriving” mean in this scenario:

7. This one doesn’t even make any sense:

8. Ouch:

9. Ooooooooh, good one:

Me: *furiously Googles Amelia Earhart conspiracy theories forever*