A collection of embroidery

Embroidery is one of my favorite crafts. You can embroider really simple things like outlines of shapes, or really detailed images with shadows and multiple shades of colors. A really fun idea I have is to transfer some coloring pages onto fabric and embroider on top. Here’s an example of embroidery pieces I’ve done recently: This embroidery is just plain cute. I


DIY Word Applique Pillow

I love making my own pillows. It’s so much cheaper than buying them, and you have free reign of exactly how you want them to look. With this DIY word applique pillow tutorial, you can make your very own. And because this pillowcase is envelope-style, you don’t even need to know how to sew in a zipper. Using some type

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DIY Fake Flower Vase Art

Add some 3D wall art to your life using this fake flower vase art tutorial. All you’ll need to make it is a canvas, fake flowers, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a hot glue gun, a craft knife and a pencil. It probably took me an hour or so from start to finish. Draw a vase shape in pencil, and start painting.


DIY Book Safe

When I was a little girl, I loved creating secret hiding spaces for all of my valuables (which was probably only about four dollars and a couple of cocktail rings). My mom taught me how to make this book safe back then, and I’m still a big fan of the idea. I got this Jane Austen compilation book a few


DIY Felt Egg Magnet

A few years ago, I saw a felt egg magnet on Pinterest, but the link to the tutorial was broken — so I went ahead and figured it out on my own. Isn’t just the cutest? I made my own pattern by drawing the most simple fried egg shape and a circle for the yolk. It’s not a great pattern,

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DIY decoupaged comic book shoes

When I was a kid, I loved reading Archie Comics. My mom would buy one for me whenever we could go to the grocery store. I’d get my grubby, chubby hands on it and read the whole thing in one sitting. Now that I’m a little older, my tastes have changed — now I’m more into shoes than comic books.


DIY Tea Bag Cozy

If you’re ever looking for a simple and quick gift idea, think about making this cute tea bag cozy! Not only is it the perfect size to hold a couple of tea bags; it’s also the perfect size for a gift card or cash. I think it’s the perfect little handmade gift for a friend in need of some tea.


DIY Potato-Stamped Print Fabric Pillow

One of the most fun crafts I’ve done involves a potato. It’s a really simple craft that can either be used to replicate trends at a fraction of the cost, or easily create your own unique pattern. You can alter this tutorial to make patterns on tapestries, tea towels, linens, and more, and you can make it as simple or


DIY Crocheted Clutch

This project is a great way to practice new crocheting techniques. While teaching you how to make this clutch, you’ll learn how to crochet the bobble stitch, how to attach a zipper to your crochet work and how to sew a lining into your crochet work. Note: This project is for advanced crocheters and beginner crocheters with a lot of patience.