DIY Fake Flower Vase Art

Add some 3D wall art to your life using this fake flower vase art tutorial. All you’ll need to make it is a canvas, fake flowers, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a hot glue gun, a craft knife and a pencil. It probably took me an hour or so from start to finish.

Draw a vase shape in pencil, and start painting.

I chose to paint the vase black.

Then I added some specks of color.

To do that, all you need to do is flick paint off of a paintbrush using your finger.

Use a craft knife to cut a line on the opening of the vase.

Then stick your fake flowers in.

Hot glue them to the canvas.

Then add some greenery.

Cut off the stems (or twist them until they come off) and hot glue them to the back of the canvas.

And that’s it! You’re done.

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