DIY hedgehog pin cushion

Hedgehogs are adorable, aren’t they? There these cute, smiling creatures that can fit in the palm of your hand. I thought I’d make a pin cushion resembling the little critters. Here’s a tutorial on how to DIY your own hedgehog pin cushion.

To make one of your own, you’ll need two different colors of felt, matching thread, scissors, a needle, a little bit of stuffing, the (poorly hand-drawn) pattern below and some pins of course.

You’ll need to cut out four ear pieces, two head pieces, two body pieces and one belly piece. I chose to make the body pieces a different color than the rest of the pieces, but that’s a choice you can make yourself.

First, take two of the ear pieces, place them together and sew (using a tiny, tiny blanket stitch) around the edges, leaving the bottom open. Turn inside out.

Squeeze the sides together and sew back and forth a few times so it resembles a little hedgehog ear.

Place the right sides of the body and the head together, sandwiching the ear in between. Sew using a tiny, tiny blanket stitch.

You should have two hedgehog sides, mirror-image of each other.

Place right sides together and sew using, once again, an incredibly tiny blanket stitch. Leave the bottom open.

Grab the bottom/belly piece and sew it to the sides of the hedgehog. Make sure you leave a little of the back open.

Turn inside out. Stuff with a little poly-fil stuffing until you reach the desired puffiness. Then sew closed using a ladder stitch.

At this point, it will resemble a mouse until you start putting the pins in it. Then it should look like a hedgehog.

Place a couple of pins in the head for eyes.

And that’s all it takes to have a little sewing buddy that resembles a cute hedgehog. Happy sewing!

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