DIY Tea Bag Cozy

If you’re ever looking for a simple and quick gift idea, think about making this cute tea bag cozy! Not only is it the perfect size to hold a couple of tea bags; it’s also the perfect size for a gift card or cash. I think it’s the perfect little handmade gift for a friend in need of some tea.

You’ll need a sheet of felt, a pair of scissors, some embroidery thread, a needle and a tea bag.

Cut out a 3.5″ square of felt. This will be your basic cup shape.

Fold the square in half and use scissors to round out the bottom corners.

Make an exact copy of your cup shape.

Take one of them and embroider simple shapes. You could also use your sewing machine to do this if its capable of making fancy stitches. I did this on a couple of my tea bag cozies, towards the top of the cup.

You’ll need to cut out two handles. They can either be backwards C-shaped or almost ear-like similar to mine below.

You can either machine or hand sew the two handles together. For this cozy, I used a blanket stitch with matching orange embroidery thread. I used my sewing machine for the other two I made, just by pinning the two pieces together and sewing a straight-line border around the perimeter.

Sandwich your handle between the two cup pieces and pin.

Then sew a U-shape, making sure your stitches catch the handle.

And that’s pretty much it. You can stick a tea bag inside and give it to a friend.


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