DIY Word Applique Pillow

I love making my own pillows. It’s so much cheaper than buying them, and you have free reign of exactly how you want them to look. With this DIY word applique pillow tutorial, you can make your very own. And because this pillowcase is envelope-style, you don’t even need to know how to sew in a zipper.

Using some type of Word program on your computer, type out the message you want on your pillow. I chose “STAY WEIRD” because it’s simple and fun. Choose a large, blocky font, so it will be easier to cut and sew around. Print the message onto paper and cut out each letter.

Pin the letters onto fabric and cut them out.

Cut three pieces of fabric – one of the pieces will be the measurement of your pillow form plus one inch all the way around, and the other two pieces will be the diameter of your pillow form plus one inch by 1/2 the diameter of your pillow form plus six inches. Because I had a 15″ square pillow form, my square piece (in a solid color) was 16″ x 16″. My two rectangle pieces were 16″x13.5″.

Pin the letters you cut out earlier onto the square piece of fabric.

Sew them on using a zig-zag stitch in a matching thread color.

After you’ve sewn all of the letters on, grab your two rectangle pieces and hem one edge on both pieces. Just fold over 1/4″ and then 1/2″, pin, and sew.

Place all of your pieces right sides together. So first lay down your square piece (the one with the letters sewn on) right side up, then one of the rectangles with the hemmed side pointing to the left, then the other rectangle with them hemmed side pointing to the right. Pin all three pieces together and sew, leaving 1/2″ seam allowance on all sides.

Once you turn it right side out, give it a good ironing. It will most likely be a little wrinkled.

Then all you have to put your pillow form inside!

I’m thinking of making a whole bunch of these for our office. 🙂

Making your own pillows > buying. Stay weird!

What home decor items do you prefer to make rather than buy? Let us know in the comments.

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