Seven Things Saturday

Hi there! Elly here. I’ve decided to start a new series called Seven Things Saturday. Every Saturday, I’ll post seven things (movies, books, recipes, websites, etc.) that I’ve really been digging during the week.

Here we go:

1. The Wes Anderson Collection.
We got this book as a wedding present and I’m totally in love with it. It’s a heavy coffee table book full of awesome photos from on and off sets of Wes Anderson films, as well as a bunch of illustrations of characters and props. One of my favorite memories from when Steve and I when we were first dating was watching The Royal Tenenbaums together, and now we both just love that movie.

2. Salt bagels.
Okay, so I had never even heard of salt bagels until recently — I guess that makes me late to the salty, delicious party. Maybe they’re just an east coast thing? I had one for the first time when we were in Maine, and, oh my god, they were so good. I’ve eaten like four of them this week.

3. Master of None, season 2.
I know you’re probably getting tired of being asked, “Have you seen Master of None, yet?” If your answer is no, I’m going to highly suggest you get on that.

4. Iced coffee.
We’ve been making our own iced coffee lately with almond milk. They make us hyper as hell, but whatever — that only means we’re more productive.

5. Wearing Steve’s band t-shirts.
I’m told my husband was a regular punk in his younger days. Lucky for me, he kept all of his band shirts from back in the day and now we happen to share a closet.

6. Wikipedia’s “nearby” service.
If you’re surfing Wikipedia on mobile while you’re traveling, you might want to hop over to the “nearby” link on the sidebar and allow the site to track your location. This allows you to discover things you’re — you guessed it — nearby.

7. Mod Podge
I’ve been thinking of some exciting DIY tutorials recently involving Mod Podge. I’m a little weary they won’t turn out as well as they seem in my mind, but regardless, I can’t wait to get crafty.

What are some things you’ve been loving recently? Let us know in the comments.

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